Care home fee increases

I am writing to ask for details under the freedom of information of what your inflationary uplifts on fees have been for the last 6 years.

I have read your consultation for fee uplifts for this year, and again we have not been given any uplifts in fees for our home.

I am asking for this information as we have not received any inflationary uplifts on our fees over this period, and we wish to understand why, as this has put a real pressure on the service we offer to our Devon Clients, as we are now in the position of trying negotiate higher fees in one chunk as we have not received any inflationary uplift or have been notified of any inflationary uplift.

Our costs have risen considerably and so I would like to ask for the uplift that has been awarded over these years, and a understanding why we have been left out of these, and how we can rectify this matter going forward and the next steps.

Each local authority consults each year with care homes in the area for which it is responsible and awards an inflationary uplift accordingly.

In the case of care homes outside of the Devon County Council area the Council pays the increase at the locally determined rate on receipt of an invoice from the provider, together with evidence of the award from the relevant local authority

At the beginning of each Financial Year the Service Provider shall inform the Service Purchaser in writing at the address recorded on the Individual Contract of any general percentage increase in contract prices for inflation purposes made by the local authority within whose area the Service Provider is situated, and the date from which any such increase will be applied. The Service Purchaser shall amend the Price in line with any such increase