Care Agency Fees

I would like to request disclosure of the following information under the FOI Act 1. Whether the council has paid a private agency or agencies to provide at-home-care for the elderly and/or infirm within the last 12 month period for which information is available. 


  1. Details of which agency/agencies were used during the last 12 month period for which information is available. 

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  1. How much money was paid to each agency/agencies in fees during the last 12 month period for which information is available? 

This information constitutes a schedule of the fees and charges levied against the Council by the homecare agencies for all services provided to the Council. 

We believe that this information regarding fees is exempt under Section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – the commercial Interests exemption.

Devon County Council considers that the release of this information would be likely to be commercially prejudicial to the council, as realising this information could lead to providers benchmarking against prices submitted. This may then lead to future contracts being less completive which may mean the Council having to pay more for these services in the future.

Devon County Council acknowledges that there is a general public interest in openness and transparency. However, in the current economic climate there is a strong public interest in ensuring that we generate as much income from our commercial clients as possible, so that the maximum amount of money can be spent on services for the people of Devon. Therefore, for this reason we believe that the balance of public interest lies in withholding this information at this time

  1. What proportion of the total cost to the customer these fees represented (if known) 

This varies depending upon the person’s financial assessment. The Council completes an individual financial assessment to determine the contribution that a person has to pay towards the Adult Social Care services they receive.  The financial assessment is conducted using the national guidance.