Car park information boards

I have noted for some time that the electronic information boards advising drivers about available car park spaces has not been working. I asked about one sign on Western Way and why it was not working (and whilst the note for that enquiry says it is fixed, I have noted that it is still not working. I looked at most other signs on 29 August and note they are not working – this is shameful. So what I would like to know is:-

1. How much did it cost to install the signage system, including signs and control system.

The Exeter VMS Car park system cost £260k, of which £163k was funded by the Princesshay redevelopment.

2. When was the system completed and operational?

The system has evolved over a number of years. The first signs were installed in 2005. There was a separate system in place prior to this which ran from 1987 to 2005.

3. Who monitors the function of the system and signs?

The Highways Operations Control Centre and the Traffic Team

4. Where is the monitoring system located?

The Highways Operations Control Centre at County Hall

5. If DCC does not monitor the system who does?

This question is not relevant following our response to question 4 above.

6. How many times has DCC received reports about the signage not working since April 2017?

Two reports have been identified for the Exeter Parking Guidance System :
Western Way 9/7/18
Paul Street 15/8/18

7. Is there a contractor paid to maintain the system? and if so what does the contract cover?

Yes. Contract covers attend and repair of all parts, except those which are agreed to be beyond economic repair. Contract excludes power and some communications.

8. This question was withdrawn by the requester

9. Has the signage system been discussed at DCC or HATOC committee since April 2017?

We are not aware of any discussion that has taken place in relation to the above, therefore we do not hold this information.

10. What efforts has DCC taken to get the system working in 2018?

When faults have been identified on the system the contractor has been asked to respond and this will continue. They system will continue to be monitored.