Bus Transport Finances

How much did Devon County Council pay to Stagecoach during the financial year 2015/2016, and during 2016/2017 to date, for the following:

1) – how much in £ for the Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG)?

On tendered services (i.e. those not operated by bus companies as commercial ventures but which have been secured under contract by the County Council through a competitive tendering process), BSOG is paid by the Government direct to the County Council. The annual amount for tendered local bus services paid to the County Council by the Government is £994,371.
The County Council then uses its BSOG allocation to supplement its local bus service subsidy budget and there is no requirement to further allocate BSOG to any particular service or bus company.
Therefore we do not have the specific information to answer the question as expressed. For further clarification, all bus subsidy payments relate solely to those services specified by the County Council and operated under contract to the Council.

2) – how much in £ for the national concessionary fares scheme for both older people and young people?

2015/16 concessionary reimbursement = £7,425,420.91
2016/17 concessionary reimbursement to date = £7,477,746.91

3) – How much did Devon County Council receive for bus schemes through national competitive grants programmes (for example the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, and the Green Bus Fund)?

£153,554 was spent on bus services in 15/16 from the LSTF grant
Nothing was spent on bus service from the equivalent STTY fund in 16/17.