Bus shelters

I would be grateful if you could kindly confirm / provide the following information relating to your bus shelter and stop contracts:
1). Please confirm the contract start and end dates

Devon County Council has two contracts for the provision and maintenance of bus shelters. However, they do not cover all shelters in the County. Many individual shelters continue to be installed, owned and maintained by District, Town and Parish Councils. Further information can be obtained from these authorities.   Their contact details can be found on our website at:Neighbouring authorities

The two County Council contracts held by Devon County Council involve the supply and maintenance of shelters in return for the right to install advertising panels on the highway as part of the shelter design. There is no payment from the County Council to the shelter company:
1. In the City of Exeter the contract started in 2012 and lasts until 2032.
2. Covering the remainder of the administrative County of Devon, the contract started in 2019 and lasts until 2039.

2.) Please confirm the incumbent provider.

1. Clear Channel.
2. Fernbank.

3). Please also provide approximate number of bus shelters and bus stops covered in this contract

1. 200 at oustset + 32 supplied by the contractor over the life of contract + ad hoc number purchased through developer funding.
2. Unknown. The contractor has taken on additional shelters from local councils.

I would be interested in any other relevant information held by your organization regarding this request.

With reference to bus stops, we can confirm that installation and maintenance of bus stop infrastructure – signs, poles and timetable displays is an in-house function, complemented by works within the County highway maintenance contract with Skanska.