Bus service planning application

We are instructed by XXXXXXXXXXX in relation to a planning application for land adjacent to Buckingham Close (Plumb Park), Buckingham Close, Exmouth -. Planning reference 16/1022/MOUT (application made to East Devon District Council). The draft Section 106 Agreement in relation to the planning application seeks, at draft clause 13, a contribution of £350,000.00 to go towards the improvement of bus services in the vicinity of the land.The Report to Committee (Committee date 1 November 2016) refers to the contribution on Page 23. The Report states that the £350,000.00 will be used to provide additional capacity through either extending Service 95 to operate all year round or extending Service 98.
Please provide details of other contributions that have been sought are being sought or will be sought, by the use of Section 106 Agreements or otherwise, in relation this additional capacity.

No other contributions have been sought from other sites. It is possible that contributions will be sought from other sites in the future but they will be identified as and when they come forward.