Bullying and racism in schools

  1. Does the council compile the number of racism complaints recorded by local schools?


1.3 Does the council now only record data on racist incidents in some local schools, e.g. only primary or only secondary schools?

Data is recorded for both primary & secondary schools.


2. How many complaints of racism did local schools report to the council in each of the last five school years? (Please provide the total number of complaints recorded by all schools, i.e the aggregate per year, not the figures for each school.)


2.1 How many local schools reported racism complaints to the council in each of the past five years?
2015-2016 85 27
2016-17 79 25
2017-18 84 20
2018-19 134 32
2019-20 150 ( one term in lockdown) 29
Sept 2020-to date) 74 ( just one term) 26

2.2 If a council document, e.g. a spreadsheet or a report, already exists that lists the racism complaints recorded by named local schools for some or all of the above years please provide a copy of it.

Please see the response to question ?? below

3.1 What does the most recent guidance that the council has issued to local schools about how they should record racist incidents say?

This can be seen online at:

Bullying and Prejudice Related Incidents

4. Has the council conducted or commissioned any research into the prevalence of racism in local schools in the past five years?

No, there is very limited capacity, one person has only a couple of hours a week for anti-racism work.

5. Does the council have a current action plan/strategic plan to address race equality and racism in schools?

The EMTAS race equality coordinator (x2 hours a week) delivers a termly/annual action plan- see term plan for Autumn 2020 which can be accessed via the link below:

Action plan