Brutus Bridge, River Dart, Totnes

“Many years ago (20 – 30?) a second bridge was built over the River Dart (The Brutus Bridge). When the various road connections were constructed an old leat (that fed the Town Mill) was partially diverted and reduced the amount of water flowing to the town mill. Is it possible to see a plan of the original course of the leat and a plan of its resultant course(s) after the roads were altered? The prime site of the alterations is, I think, under or near the roundabout at the junctions of Coronation Road, Station Road and (Brutus) Bridge Road. The nearest post code I could find is TQ9 5GN.”

Devon County Council (DCC) has access to the structures drawings for this scheme from 1980, but only appears to hold one highways drawing – Totnes Inner Relief Road Stage 1, which is provided.

We do not hold any highway contract drawings, but can confirm that as part of this Scheme a new structure, Mill Leat Culvert, was built to support the new road as it spans Mill Leat.

DCC does not hold any documentation or evidence that the course of the leat has been altered.   Please see current location plan based on OS maps from today and 1950s location plan which show no change in the leat course.   The only change we have identified is the culverting of the leat upstream (north) of our structure Mill Leat Culvert which probably took place when the Totnes Industrial Estate was developed.