Brexit risks – adult social care

1. At the time you respond to this request, how many (Adult Social Care) providers have contacted you to warn of a risk to service delivery?


2. A list of the types of providers that have contacted you (where possible, indicating how many of each type of provider have contacted you).

Please see the response to the previous question.

3. For each type of provider, the total number of service users potentially affected. 

We do not hold this information.

4. Please list all specific risks that have been identified (e.g. shortage of medicines, staff shortages etc). If you are able to, for each specific risk, please indicate how many care providers have warned of it.

The risks that have been identified are in the document linked to below. These have been partly identified through general conversations with providers although none have specifically contacted us to warn of risks, therefore we do not hold any information about how many providers have warned us of each risk.

Brexit Risks РAdult Social Care 

5. What specific actions has the council taken to date to mitigate these risks?

Actions identified are listed in the document linked to below.

Mitigating Actions

6. How much has the council spent so far on measures to mitigate the potential risk to social care service delivery as a result of Brexit?

We do not hold this information. Expenditure so far has been on officer time only and has not been recorded separately.