Body worn cameras

Does anyone (staff or contractors) in your organisation use/wear body cameras or body worn video recording devices while performing their duties?


If yes, please detail:
Who provides the body cameras and footage/evidence management used by your organisation?
For parking civil enforcement the cameras and back office software are provided by Reveal Media Ltd
For recycling centres SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd
For council premises and grounds Red Elephant Training and Security capture the footage. Devon Norse have day to day “operational / management responsibilities for Red Elephant Training and Security

How many staff members use body cameras and what capacities/teams do they work in?

All fifty parking civil enforcement officers.

One operative at each of the council’s 18 recycling centres.

One operative at County Hall.

Are they staff or contractors (for e.g. outsourced security personnel)

Parking civil enforcement officers are employees.

Recycling centre operatives are contractors.

One contractor for council premises and grounds.

How many body cameras in all are currently owned and/or used by your organisation?

40 for parking civil enforcement

21 for recycling centres, this includes three spares.

One – car park attendant, employed by Red Elephant Training and Security.

Were the cameras bought as a one off purchase and if so, how much did they cost your organisation?

For parking civil enforcement there was a one off purchase of cameras and associated hardware in May 2016 totalling in excess of £20,000.

Cameras worn by recycling centre operatives are provided as part of the overall contract with Suez.

The premises and grounds body cam was purchased by the contractor with no additional cost to Devon County Council.

If they are part of an ongoing contract – what is the current contract term (how long is it and when does it expire) and what is the value of said contract?

Not applicable for parking civil enforcement.

For recycling centres the contract is valued at approximately £5.5 million per annum and runs from 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2022 with a possible 4 year extension.

The premises and grounds contract is ongoing, there is no contractual requirement for body cams.

Where is the data recorded stored ‘ on premises locally or on cloud?

Parking civil enforcement evidential data is stored on a local data storage device not connected to any network.

Footage taken at recycling centres is stored locally at each centre.

For premises and grounds, effectively the County Hall car park, Data is recorded on the device on a daily basis, but if the information is not required the data is deleted each day.  If there is an incident the recorded data is downloaded onto a hard drive by the contractor and shared with the Devon County Council and Devon Norse as required.

Who is the point of contact for your body camera programme?

For parking civil enforcement-

For recycling centres –

For the County Hall car park – operationally or for DCC