Bodley House

Could you please let me know what private provision has replaced the very low cost of Bodley House since you closed it.
Also, could you please let me know if this provision, if it exists, is fundable by DCC

It is not possible to say where people who would have been placed in Bodley House have subsequently been placed as decisions are made on an individual basis according to the needs of the person, which provisions meet those needs, their availability and cost at the time each placement is made.

In the period before its closure Bodley House was used mainly for short-term intermediate care. Therefore, provisions considered could include supporting the person in their own home which is our strategic priority as it is generally preferred by people and achieves better outcomes for them, including avoiding the need for longer-term residential care.

Bodley House also provided some day care from within the residential facility. The same principles would apply.

Devon County Council would fund provision where the needs being met are eligible social care needs and the person does not have the means to fund their own care; the NHS would fund provision responding to a health need including Continuing Healthcare as was the case for provision at Bodley House.