Blue badge applicants and policies

1. How many Blue Badge applications has your local authority received in 2017? Please include all Blue Badge applicants (not just those with Parkinson’s).

We should clarify that our information is held in financial years and not calendar years. In response to this and all the subsequent questions, we have therefore provided information for the financial year 2017-18.

Total Applications received 15660

2. Of these Blue Badge applications in 2017, please can you tell us:
a. How many were rejected?


b. How many were issued as a passported benefit from Personal Independence Payments/ Disability Living Allowance awards?

Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA 107
Moving Around PIP 363

3. How many rejected Blue Badge applications resulted in an appeal (or request to review the decision), and how many appeals or reviews were successful?

Number who appealed 115
Number of successful appeals 34

4. Do you record how many of those applications were from people living with Parkinson’s or another neurological condition? Yes/No
If yes, please outline:
a. How many applications of people with Parkinson’s and/ or a neurological condition were made.
b. How many applications of people with Parkinson’s and/or a neurological condition were rejected.

We do not hold this information.

Blue Badge policies

5. Does your local authority charge Blue Badge holders to park in any of its car parks? Yes/No

If yes, please outline:
a. The reason the charges were introduced?
b. When these charges were introduced, and how much these charges are?
c. How many parking bays/car parks are affected?
d. If these charges apply to on-street or off-street parking, or both?
e. Was an impact assessment completed before they were introduced?
f. If there are there any exemption criteria for these charges, and what these exemption criteria are?
g. If you have a document outlining these charges, and how these charges are publicised. Please include the document in your response?

In Devon off street car parks are generally administered privately or by the District, City or unitary councils. Although the Blue Badge scheme is not intended for off-street parking areas, decisions regarding charging Blue Badge holders in off street car parks will be managed locally. We would therefore recommend that you contact the district, city or unitary councils direct for this information. Contact details can be found our website at:

However, in response to question 5 (g) we can confirm that the Blue Badge scheme provides a national range of on-street parking concessions to Blue Badge holders. It allows them to park without charge or time limit in otherwise restricted on-street parking environments. Devon County Council does not charge Badge holders for on street parking accordingly.

6. What guidance are decision makers using when deciding eligibility for Blue Badges? Please include a copy in your response.

The Council’s eligibility decision making is based on national DfT regulations as described in the Department for Transport Local Authority Guidance, a copy of which is attached below:

DfT Guidance