Bat Records for Newton Abbot Area


“Please refer to the Plan provided here showing an area hatched red in Newton Abbot, Devon.  We wish to receive copies of any Greater Horseshoe Bat records the Council holds, undertaken within the hatched area, that are dated within the last 5 years.  In particular we request survey data.  Electronic copies of these reports would be preferred.”


Bat records for the hatched area shown in the above Plan are provided via the below links:-

Kingskerswell Report Surveys 2007

Kingskerswell Bat Surveys 2009

PB Issued Bat Report Jan 2010 with Appendices

A380 Bat Monitoring Report 2015

SDLR Ecological Monitoring Annual Report 2016

Decoy Bat Monitoring 2015

Decoy Bat Monitoring 2016

Decoy Bat Monitoring 2017

Bat Data Annex 2014

Bat Licence 2014