Autism Partnership Board

Do you have an Autism Partnership Board or equivalent body? If so please provide its name and a link to its website (if available).

Devon County Council has an Autism Partnership Board, called the Devon Autism Partnership Board. The Board’s web presence is being updated and is not currently available.

Do you have a named Autism Lead? 

The Strategic Lead is Rebecca Hudson and the Operational Lead is Leo Trimming

Does your named Autism Lead have oversight of assessments of need for people on the autism spectrum? How is this oversight maintained in practice i.e. what measures are in place to ensure the quality of assessments?

The operational lead has oversight of assessments of need for people on the autism spectrum.

Oversight is maintained in practice through supervisions with staff, a panel system and Practice Quality Audit. 

What specific assessment tool or tools do you use to assess the needs of someone on the autism spectrum e.g. RAS, recognised autism assessment tool? What else forms part of an assessment? 

To assess the needs of someone on the autism spectrum we use a Resource Allocation System (RAS) alongside multi-agency input where appropriate. Devon County Council also uses diagnostic assessment from Adult Autism and ADHD Service (DANA) provided by Devon Partnership Trust (DPT).

Do those who are involved in performing assessments receive autism-specific training? If so how long does this training last and how frequently is it refreshed?

Devon County Council are currently engaged in a needs-led training analysis to determine the gaps in training. DCC does have a set of competencies; written in conjunction with people with autism that can be used in monthly supervisions.

What level of competency is this training designed to deliver?
Basic/General Autism Awareness
Expert/Practice Leader

Competencies are written at practitioner level.

Who delivers this training to assessors, is it accredited by an external body or organisation and if so by whom? 

Needs led training analysis is underway with Spectrum Management and Training. Training is either delivered themselves or commissioning to experts where needed.

Does this training include any kind of assessment or examination and if so what is the outcome for those who fail? 

The quality of assessor’s work is addressed through supervision and appraisals.

What methods of delivery does this training feature e.g. face-to-face, e-learning?

Supervision is conducted through a face to face meeting

What proportion of autistic people had their level of funding or services reduced over the last year i.e. between 1st December 2017 and 30th November 2018 inclusive? How many people does this represent in total?

Devon County Council are unable to provide information for the period 1st December to 31st November 2018, we have therefore provided data for the period from 1st December 2016 to 30th November 2017

The data is provided according to the following criteria:

  • Clients with a Main Health Condition of “Developmental/Intellectual: Autism (excluding high functioning)”
  • Clients who have received adult social care services part or whole funded by Devon County Council
  • Clients in receipt of service(s) on both 01/12/2016 and 30/11/2017.

18% of clients (50 of 268 people) recorded as having a mental health condition of “Developmental/Intellectual: Autism (excluding high functioning)” had their level of funding reduced between 01/12/2016 and 30/11/2017

Staff members work with people during a reassessment of their care and support needs and a determination of their eligibility for care and support.

A discussion would always take place with the worker and the person/their representative about:

  • their change in needs,
  • the outcomes of their assessment and
  • how their determined eligible need can be met going forward.

If a reduction is planned, this would be discussed with the person and where relevant their carer and/or advocate.

How and against what do you benchmark fee levels to ensure that they represent fair and reasonable rates?

The process of arriving at the level of money available to each client is published see Personal budgets

How and against what do you benchmark the service offer to autistic people to ensure that their needs are appropriately met? Is this process based on the level of service provided or the outcomes delivered?

This information is published. See factsheet 9 above and  Staying healthy, happy and independent