Arboriculture/ Tree surgery contracts

1) If the Council has let one or more contracts for Arboriculture/tree surgery services under the EU Procurement Directives, we request, for each contract, (a) the name of the successful contractor, (b) the value at which the contract was let and (c) the term of the contract, including any option to extend.

2) If the Council has procured Arboriculture/tree surgery services within a wider multi-service contract under the EU Procurement Directives, then please provide details of (a) the service provider (b) which services are included in the contract and (c) the approximate value of the Arboriculture/tree surgery packages.

In response to questions 1 and 2 Devon County Council can confirm that it has procured contracts for arboriculture and tree surgery services. The details for these services can be seen online at:

We can further confirm that the contract is for four years from the 1st April 2017 with no option to extend.

With respect to the value of the contract, a wide variation of value is given on the contract notice above. This is because this is a framework contract and is reactive to the notification of the need for tree surgery or similar work. Consideration may have to be given to issues such as storm damage, disease, and other tree related issues.


3) If the Council delivers Arboriculture/tree surgery services through an in-house workforce, and prefers to deliver best value through this route, then please inform us of this, and the approximate annual expenditure of the Arboriculture/tree surgery services.

Following on from our response to questions 1 and 2, we can confirm that the council does not deliver these services through an in house service.