Animal Welfare Charter


“’Respect for Animals’ is an animal welfare organisation that specialises in campaigning to bring an end to the cruel and unnecessary fur trade.

Due to a large volume of complaints from members of the public about the sale of real fur at Council run markets we are preparing a new page for our website to provide information about individual Local Authority’s policies on the subject.

It would be helpful, therefore, if you could answer the following quick questions as part of our survey:

  1. Does your Local Authority own or manage any markets, fairs, festivals, or other events, where there are trading stalls; whether permanent, occasional, regular, outsourced or managed by another body?
  2. If so, can you please list them?
  3. Does your Local Authority have an Animal Welfare Charter?
  4. (if yes) Please supply a copy
  5. (if no) Would you be happy to receive examples of other Local Authority Animal Welfare Charters?
  6. Do you allow stall holders at your markets to sell real fur? (including small items such as knitted hats with fur bobbles, or key rings with fur trims etc.)
  7. (if you have them) Please supply copies of policies/agreements covering this subject.
  8. (if you don’t have them) Would you be happy to receive a recommended form of words to include in policy documents and stallholder agreements?
  9. Could you please send me the contact details of the portfolio holder or committee chair whose remit includes markets?”



Please note that Devon County Council does not operate or licence markets. Furthermore, it does not have an Animal Welfare Charter.  Information is, therefore, not held.

It is likely that this may be a function provided by District and Unitary Councils in Devon. Please contact them directly using the information on the links provided.