Amount spent, agencies used and roles supplied for temporary agency staff

Please can I have data around your temporary agency Labour usage between the dates of 06 April 2020 and 05 April 2021.
The details I would like are:

1. Do you currently have a contract with a neutral vend or Master Vend? If so, what are their name and when does the contract expire? If there is an option of an extension, please list how long it is.

Geometrics Results Inc (GRI), and it expires December 2021.

2. All the Supplier Names who supplied yourself with temporary agency Labour in the above period.

3. The Actual spend value for each Supplier in the above period.

4. The types of roles that were supplied.

For the responses to questions 2 – 4, please see the attached spreadsheet.

5. The Dates they were supplied, if not available the week the invoice was invoiced or paid.

As the roles and dates fluctuate each week, we do not hold this information. The invoices are paid monthly for the activity that occurred in the previous month.