Alternative Provision Census


“I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information, with regards to the Alternative Provision Census, 2018:-

The total number of individuals (children) whom you expect to submit these data for, as reflected on December 31, 2017

Estimated total number = 274

Confirm whether these data are from only children in Alternative Provision on 18 Jan 2018, or if it is a total retrospective in the year 2017-18 (Confirm: on census date or retrospective)

Retrospective as have not yet reached 18 Jan 2018.

Please provide the information in the wording provided to parents and children about what data you collect and how those data are used after your submission to the Department for Education.

For example a copy of the privacy notice given to each child and / or parents of child for whom you will submit data on January 18, 2018 to the Department for Education (in AP on January 18, and retrospective 2017-18 as per answer (1))

Devon County Council provides the following guidance to educational providers on producing Privacy Notices, with template privacy notices included:-

It is then the individual provider’s responsibility to compile and issue privacy notices to children and / or parents of children based on these templates.

An outline (no more than a sentence or two if it is not an official document, link to your website with the explanation, or a ready document if you have one) the method of the distribution of the answer to (3)(a) how the LEA carries out your fair processing duty of the Data Protection Act 1998, pre-data submission to the Department for Education.”

Information not held.  The issuing of privacy notices in this regard falls under the remit of the individual alternative education providers to decide upon the most suitable method of distribution.

Confirm whether any data you provide to the Department for Education are optional, and if so, how that option is presented to children and parents, or if everything is required.”

Everything is required.