Algorithms or machine-learning systems

The use of any algorithms or machine-learning systems by your local authority in the delivery of public services.
Specifically, I am asking the following:

Is your organisation using any algorithms and/or artificial intelligence software specifically designed to make or assist in the making of decisions about individuals or groups?


If Yes, please provide details:
Of the names of the algorithms or artificial intelligence software you use;
Imosphere version 8 FACE Resource Allocation System (RAS); Admissions Allocation Algorithm

Of whether you use a commercial product or whether you have developed your own system;

Of the purpose for which the algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software operates;
Adult Social Care Resource Allocation and allocation of School Places

Of the decisions the algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software is asked to make or assist;
The amount of budget to meet assessed; eligible social care needs for adult social care clients; an estimated personal budget based on people determined as eligible for adult care and support under the Care act 2014; allocation of School Places

Of the type, classification and amount of data that the algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software uses in the decision-making process;
Please refer to our public facing document which explains how an Estimated Personal Budget is decided; Student records, 15000 records per year.

Of the process by which the decision made or assisted by the algorithm is subject to human review;
The Resource Allocation System (RAS) is just a tool used to generate an estimated budget for community care. Staff will use their judgement as to the amount of money estimated and the suitability of this budget to meet care and support needs. The Social Care professional, the person assessed and their nominated representatives will determine a support plan to meet the outcomes relevant to the identified needs. Support planning is the process which determines how the needs recorded in the assessment will be met for the individual in question. As part of this process, the estimated budget acts as guidance with regard to the likely order of budget that the local authority would expect to spend. The Council take into consideration the application of a strengths based approach and meet needs from the person’s own network and community.
All records can be challenged reviewed

Of the process by which you inform an individual that they have been subject to a decision made or aided by an algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software?

Adult Social Care have public facing communication about this process, staff are advised to explain that they are using a tool to provide an estimated budget. Public get a copy of the tools questions, which are based on the assessment; School Allocation Offer letter

Of the process by which a member of the public can challenge a decision that has been made or aided by an algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software;
Adult Social Care through a conversation with care manager, review questions used to generate the estimated budget amount and/or complaints process; School Admission appeal process