Air Pollution Measures taken for Exeter Road, Topsham



“I would like to see air pollution measures for Exeter Road, Topsham over the past 10 years as I believe that the following developments have led to higher than acceptable levels;

  1. Residential development – there are four significant housing development schemes within 100 meters all creating dust and significant HGV vehicle pollution.
  2. The Aldi in Exeter Rd is extremely busy and has increased traffic in the road significantly, also causing extensive queuing at peak times.
  3. M5 traffic has increased significantly over recent years and I am not aware of any mitigating measures.
  4. General traffic on our road is busier caused by all of the above, plus increased through traffic which results in queuing causing significant pollution.

As well as health concerns, the pollution is evident through our dirty cars and windows.

Please advise me of what measures are being taken to protect the health of the residents of Topsham and provide information of how you have monitored air quality whilst permitting so much development in the area. I am fairly sure (and from experience) that far more action would be necessary if this was a workplace issue.



Air quality monitoring is carried out by Exeter City Council and therefore Devon County Council does not hold information on air pollution measures for Exeter Road, Topsham. We suggest you may wish to send your request to Exeter City Council direct.

Devon County Council supports and promotes the use of more sustainable modes of travel in order to mitigate the effects of travel on air pollution.  Our Travel Devon team provide free personalised travel plans to individuals, aimed to reduce the reliance on single occupancy car trips.  As well as advice, individuals can also benefit from free cycle confidence sessions and public transport taster tickets to support them with their journeys.  We are also engaging with businesses directly to help them support their employees to travel more sustainably and offer advice, support and grants.  There are alternatives to car use in the local area which are promoted, including:

  • Traffic free cycle paths or recommended quiet routes on Exeter Road, linking to the wider Exeter network and Topsham. DCC offer free cycle sessions for those wishing to gain confidence in cycling.
  • Stagecoach Gold Service 57 operates along the corridor linking Exeter to Exmouth at a frequency of every 15 minutes.
  • Exeter has a number of railway stations which provide opportunities to travel around the city and further afield. Topsham Station and Newcourt Station are within reasonable walking and cycling distance.