Agency Staffing Agreement

What model does your organisation use to source temporary staff? 

Neutral Vendor

Master Vendor


Preferred Supplier List

other (please describe)

Neutral Vendor 

If your organisation utilises a Managed Service Provider to facilitate the sourcing of temporary staff, who are they? 

De Poel via the ESPO framework 653F MSTAR2 and the call off agreement. 

Are any job categories excluded from this contract e.g. Social Care, Interims etc. 

All categories are covered by the contract 

What is the most recent annual spend / last 12 months on temporary staff? 

Between April 2017 – March 2018 approx. spend on agency staff was £5,546,873 

Do you have any off contract spend, if so, what is the approximate value? 

Approximately £323,323 

What are the top 3 categories of temporary staff spend within your organisation? e.g. (Qualified Social Work, Refuse, etc)  

Qualified Social Worker

Team Manager (Social Work)

Mental Health Practitioner 

What date does the current temporary staff contract end? 

The contract commenced on 31st July 2016 and is for an initial duration of 36 months. 

Is there an option to extend the current temporary staff contract? If so, until what date? 

There is an option to extend the contract for up to a further 12 months at the procurer’s discretion.

Who manages the contract from your organisations perspective (please provide contact details)?

HR & Procurement

Andrea Owen, HR Team Manager, Devon County Council, Greatmoor House, Bittern Road, Sowton, EXETER, EX2 7NL