Adult social care serious case reviews

1)The total number of adult serious case reviews undertaken for each year since 2006. If these figures are not available, please provide the number of adult serious case reviews for each year for which you have figures.

2011 – 2012 3
2012 – 2013 1
2013 – 2014 1
2014 – 2015 2 – one of those was a thematic review of three cases with a similar theme.
2015 – 2016 None
2016 – 2017 1
2017 – 2018 None
2018 – 2019 1

2) The internet address where the adult serious case review publications are uploaded.

Devon Safeguarding Adults BoardĀ 

3) How long the authority keeps adult serious case reviews uploaded before taking them off line and requiring people to ask for the publication on request.

Currently, there is no practice in place in Devon that dictates how long reviews are held online before being taken off line. We are however looking in to putting a practice in place, and this will be in line with the creation of a NationalĀ  case review library.

4) The number of downloads and requests for the publication of each adult serious case review the authority has received.

As the documents are available on our website, this means that they are accessible to anyone who visits the website and can be viewed and downloaded from this platform. Therefore, we do not have any records of requests for downloads. Anyone that did request a report to be downloaded would be referred to our public facing website in the first instance.