Adult Social Work Needs Assessment Waiting Times

I would like you to provide stats on the average wait times for an Adult Social Work needs assessment over the last 3 years. If possible please break it down by month.

Please see the table available via the link below:

The assessments completed by our social care teams and included in the data were the My Assessment/Your Care Act Assessment and the recently added Sensory and OT forms.
Health only outcomes were excluded along with abandoned/cancelled assessments.

We should further clarify that the administrative side of closure of assessments which has a nominal skewing effect on the data in the table below. For example if we remove the cases which took over 700+ days then the average duration for the whole period adjusts to 33.9 days.

To adjust through manual sampling would take a significant length of time, as across the data set there 66279 assessments. To allow for a review of, say, 5 minutes per assessment, this would take a total in excess of 5,000 hours. This is in excess of the appropriate time limit and, therefore, to correct the skewing effect discussed above and provide absolutely precise data is exempt pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.