Adult Social Care Financial Assessments

1. How many financial assessments for Adult Social Care (residential and non-residential) did you receive for the financial year 2019/20?

Residential: 3,140 (does not include reviews of existing clients).

Non-Residential: 6,136 (does not include reviews of existing clients).

2. How many FTEs did you have employed to assess the assessments in 2019/20?

15.5 Full Time Equivalent Employees (FTEs).

3. What was the average time taken to assess a claim from the time of the receipt of the claim and the customer being informed of the authority’s decision in 2019/20?

This information is not held centrally in a reportable way and would require manual reviewing and reconciling of each person’s social care case file.  On the basis of approximately 5 minutes per individual to locate, retrieve and extract the requested information for each of the above 9,276 cases, we estimate that this would take in the region of 750 hours.  This exceeds the 18 hours which public authorities are required to spend responding to requests under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – ‘Cost of Compliance’.