Adult Safeguarding / Mental Capacity training courses

I am writing to request information in relation to a procurement recently conducted by your organisation, for which you are the identified contact in the award notice published on Contracts Finder. 

CPQ1537-17 Adult Safeguarding and Mental Capacity Act Training Courses. 

I am keen to understand how successful the procurement was in terms of securing bids that fully met, or even exceeded your requirements. 

Please provide electronic copies of the following information: 

A copy of all scored tender questions you asked bidders to respond to. 


A1 Describe how you will ensure that the training content and its delivery is of suitable quality to be effective in meeting the stated course aims and objectives.

  1. A2 Explain how will you ensure that you will keep up-to-date with knowledge of practice and legislation in relation to delivering both the Adult Safeguarding and Mental Capacity Act courses.
  2. A3 Describe what method will you use on this contract for ensuring that the views and personal experience of service users, carers and others are included in the planning and delivery of courses.
  3. A4 Describe how you will ensure that the course content meets the required competencies of the various DSAB staff when they are undertaking their Safeguarding and Mental Capacity Act function.
  4. A5 Describe the various methods of delivery that you would consider using on this contract which are appropriate for optimum engagement and a creative learning environment for Delegates.


Price a) Price of course development for the Adult Safeguarding course

Price b) Price for a one-day Adult Safeguarding course

Price c) Price of course development for the Mental Capacity Act course

Price d) Price for a one-day Mental Capacity Act course 

For each of the scored tender questions please provide anonymised version(s) of the response(s) that you awarded the highest score to in your evaluation. I acknowledge that you may withhold responses to financial/pricing questions to protect the commercial interests of bidders, and therefore my request does not include such information.

Disclosure of information that may identify highest scores in tenders, even if anonymised, may prejudice the commercial interests of the business providers by giving an unfair advantage to competitors for future bids.

Therefore, we consider this information is exempt from disclosure under Section 43 (Commercial Interests) of the Freedom of Information Act.

As this is a qualified exemption, we have considered the public interest and acknowledge that although there is a public interest in the transparency of bids for contracts there is also a public interest in allowing businesses to apply for contracts in a competitive environment, and feel that on balance the public interest lies in withholding the information from disclosure.