Adult Care Funding

Please can you tell me the reduction in funding that your department for Adult Care has suffered as a result of under-funding by the Government in the last 10 years.

If there are no direct comparisons between funding in 2010/11 and 2020/21, can you help me give the general public any idea of the size of the cuts and their effects.

Devon County Council publishes details of its service budgets in the Council’s annual Budget Books, which are available on the webpage page linked below:

Budgets and expenditure | Devon County Council

Within each Budget Book, the Council’s service revenue budgets are shown service by service. For example Adult Care and Health services are on pages 42-49 of the 2021/22 Budget Book. Within these pages are summary tables which show the changes in budgets from year to year, and an analysis of key budget movements including technical and service changes, and budget savings strategies.

Budget books going back to 2010/11 financial year are now available on the webpage above.

Please note that it is important to acknowledge that over the past 10+ years there have been multiple changes to funding streams for services and internal restructuring (leading to budget transfers between services), and therefore there is unlikely to be a like for like comparison for budgets over such an extended timeframe.

Alternatively you may be interested in published information about Local Authority adult social care expenditure at NHS Digital. The link below is to the Adult Social Care Activity and Finance Report pages which contain reports and datasets which go back to 2004/5:

Adult Social Care Activity and Finance Report – NHS Digital