Academy school exclusions – permanent and fixed term

1.The number of permanent exclusions from secondary academy schools, for academic years 2015/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, as a total figure AND percentage of the total number of permanent exclusions in your Local Authority area. Please include the total number of secondary academy schools versus total number of secondary schools in your area (as well as a percentage of all schools in your area). Please list these separately for each academic year. For example:

A. 2015/16: Secondary Academy Exclusions: 20, Total Secondary School Exclusions: 50, Academy Exclusion %: 40.
B. 2015/16 – Secondary Academy Schools 100, Total Secondary Schools 400, Academy School %: 25.

2. Please supply the same information, in the same format, but for fixed period exclusions.

The data requested can be viewed in a spreadsheet via the link below :

Secondary Academy school exclusions – fixed term and permanent