A399 Main Road, Combe Martin – Landslip

Could you please supply me with all correspondence including internal emails and file notes relating to the “A399 MAIN ROAD, COMBE MARTIN, NORTH DEVON LANDSLIP NEAR WEST SEVEN ASH FARM”, including all correspondence between Devon County Council staff and Frederick Sherrell Ltd, Pete Starbuck Tree Care and outside contractors employed to carry out the works. Also internal emails between Devon County Council Staff including your County Solicitors office to include file notes

Copies of correspondence held by Devon County Council, including emails and documentation can be seen via the attached link, subject to the clarification below.


Also could you supply a detailed cost of the work carried out by DCC and their contractors including the cost of the surveys carried out by Frederick Sherrell Limited and Pete Starbuck Treecare.

Please find a breakdown for the cost of this work below.

Works              £87,095.21     (MacPlant Construction fees below)

Design             £18,137.00     (includes Frederick Sherrell fees below and DCC staff time)

Supervision     £1,997.00       (DCC staff time)

TOTAL            £107,229.21

Frederick Sherrell

Total fees paid to Frederick Sherrell was £10,008.20 plus VAT. This was for a range of tasks including: Initial site inspection and reporting, design of remedial works, monitoring inspections during construction of the remedial works, a closedown report and a letter summarising the products durability and requirement for regular inspections.

Macplant Construction

Total fees paid to MacPlant Construction was £87,095.21 plus VAT. This was for a range of tasks including: Fence Repairs, Tree Survey, Traffic Management, Site Set-Up, Management of Sub-Contractor, Plant & Equipment, Site Clearance & Disposal and Concrete works in PROW track.