A39 roundabout at Lake Barnstaple

The A 39 Roundabout situated at Lake (with associated Western Bypass & New Taw Bridge Barnstaple):please confirm that Devon County Council were the “acquiring authority” for the project dating from before February 2005 and following the 1.7.2002 A39 de trunking order

Although we are uncertain what is meant by the term acquiring authority we can confirm that Devon County Council were both the Highway Authority and promoter of the A39 Roundabout at Lake constructed as part of the Barnstaple Western Bypass project.

The August 2017 roadside verge drainage provision pipe works adjoining the B3236 Silford Cross link road & crossing under the D.C.C. A 39 Principal Road (via the further Drainage Chamber) to the KenWith Valley Bird Sanctuary.Please advise the circumstances whereby the information is advised as not held by the Devon County Council and the office where such information is held.

Devon County Council does not hold any records of drainage works at this location carried out in August 2017.

Advise the name of the “acquiring” Authority also responsible to affected Landowners for the recent Northern Devon road improvement works at:The A 39 and A 361  Portmore  Roundabout Barnstaple.

DCC were both the Highway Authority and promoter of the recent Portmore Roundabout works.