A39 footbridge at Roundswell

Please can you provide the following information regarding the A39 footbridge at Roundswell:

a) estimated costs of design and build (to completion) including date of estimate

High Level Budget figure = £2,000,000 on 12th May 2015
Revised Estimate following preliminary scheme development = £2,790,000 on 9th March 2016

b) actual costs of design and build (to completion)


c) costs and type of all consultancy and external support (outside DCC) related to the above

Topographical Survey = £1,200.00
Archaeological Consultancy and Survey = £494.00
Ecologist Consultancy & Surveys = £3,801.60
Specialist Lightning Risk Assessment = £160.00
Geotechnical Consultancy, site Investigation & reporting = £13,818.15
Advanced Vegetation Clearance, Tree Felling and Maintenance = £20,403.44
Arboriculturist Consultancy = £150.00
Specialist Steelwork Fabrication Inspections = £3,951.00

d) official start date of project

Devon County Council Engineering Design Group commencement: 8th May 2015.
Contractor Design & Build Contract Award: 14th November 2016.

e) official opening date of footbridge

8th September 2017

f) date of closure for the construction of Northern Devon Enterprise Centre and road infrastructure
g) date of reopening following the above

In response to questions (f) and (g) the footbridge was closed when construction was started on 14th October 2019 and was reopened when they finished on the 18th January 2021.

h) estimates of current and future foot and cycle traffic use.

We do not hold this information but we can confirm that it has been built in advance of development south of the A39 as a safe option for crossing the A39 on foot or by bike