A380 Kingsteignton

Regarding the roadworks and lane closures on the southbound lane of the A380 Kingsteignton, what work was undertaken to assess the ongoing impact with other roadworks and which routes would be most affected? Can I request a copy of this work under foi?

Devon County Council do not hold this information.

We can confirm that an ‘Impact Assessment’ as requested is not a requirement to book road space.

Works planners will book road space and check the ‘roadworks’ system for any ‘clashes’ to ensure they can carry out the activity. This ensures that, at that time, no other works are planned to occupy the required road space to create a conflict, for example in the same street or on any formal signed diversion route. Once confirmed, the road space is booked on the system and any necessary liaison/consultation will take place.

The roadworks system would not have identified any route clashes as there were none at the time of road space booking, equally there are none now, albeit there are clearly works occurring across Newton Abbot and surrounds.