A379 Exeter Road

1. Why was the design of this junction not considered and resolved in the initial planning stages of the cycle route?
2. What designs has the council considered for the junction and what has it identified as the pros and cons for each?
3. Which design standard has the council used for its junction design?
4. In UK law/guidance does the two-way nature of the cycle path affect the design of the junction in any way?
5. Does the council intend to mark out the obstacles on the pre-existing shared pavement alongside the Exeter Road, as it has along the extension to the shared pavement? Currently it is natural for any cyclist travelling from Dawlish to Dawlish Warren, who is unfamiliar with the route, to assume that after the entrance to 4 Exeter Road there are no further obstacles, because none are indicated. However this is not the case, as there is a blind entrance to a small car park as well as several entrances to driveways and properties.


The response from Devon County Council is available at the link below: