A379 Exeter Road

1. A copy of any report produced in the project planning stage for each of the two projects, Warren Road to 4A Exeter Road, and 4 Exeter Road to Lanherne.
2. A copy of any log recording reported complaints, comments, incidents and/or accidents at the A379/Sea Lawn Terrace junction including both the roads and the shared pavement. If none were recorded, please state this.
3. Details of the legislation or guidance Devon County Council is relying on to change the priority at the junction taking into account that the proposed design reduces visibilty for road users from good to zero and that Sea Lawn Terrace, although unadopted, is public access (including access to a business) with a kerbed entrance and over a hundred vehicle movements a day? And that public access not only includes emergency services, council refuse collection, taxis and deliveries (up to 9 metres in length) but also at times access for Network Rail (including vehicles and trailers over 9 metres in length)?


Please find the response from Devon County Council available via the link below: