A379 Corridor – Dawlish to Exeter – report costs

Please send me a summary of the total cost incurred by DCC in commissioning Jacobs to produce a report entitled “A379 Corridor – Dawlish to Exeter” The summary should include both financial payments to Jacobs and cost of time involved by Devon County Council employees and other bodies.

We can confirm that report addressing the A379 Improvements – Starcross and Kenton, produced in Sept. 2012 cost £7,839 of Jacobs staff time, including site visits / surveys.

We do not hold information with regard to the level of Devon County Council staff employment involvement on the project, particularly as the lead officer on the project, left the County Council early in 2018.   By way of advice and assistance, we would estimate that the lead officer would have spent perhaps 2-3 days taking into account time for setting the brief, progressing meetings, and checking drafts and approving the final report.