A30 junction development plans

As part of the new developments to the west and south of Alphington has the council secured a land corridor to provide the Dawlish Road and Marsh Barton Trading Estate direct access to the A30 (and thus the M5 North) without passing through the Alphington road roundabout adjacent to Sainsbury’s Alphington and West Exe School?

If a corridor has been secured are plans to develop a new A30 junction in development?
If no plans have been developed, was consideration given to securing such an access to the A30?
Has there ever been consideration to developing sure t access to the A30 from the Marsh Barton Trading Estate / Dawlish Road / Exeter ring road?

A new access onto the A30 and associated corridor from the Marsh Barton area has not been secured.  The development proposed in the South West Exeter area has been considered to be acceptable without the need for a new access onto the Strategic Road Network (A30 and A38).

The benefits of such a connection have been considered by Devon County Council and Highways England who are responsible for the operation, maintenance and improvement of the Strategic Road Network (A30, A38, A35 and M5 in Devon).  Different options were considered including connections onto both the A30 and A38.  Given the status of development at South West Exeter, which has planning permission, and potential impact on the development area from a new junction onto the A30, it was not considered feasible to progress this option.

Options were also considered to provide a junction onto the A38 from the A379 at Peamore.  A corridor of land has been safeguarded through a planning permission from the A379 to the A38 to allow for the construction of a northbound slip road onto the A38.  An indicative design has been produced for this and it has been identified that such a connection would not meet current Highways England design standards and would likely require wider changes to the Strategic Road Network in this area, if indeed a slip road in this location was achievable.  Given the constraints in delivery, further design work has not been progressed.