Development Proposals Exeter St David’s Station

1. I believe Devon County Council received significant funding from government to investigate the development of Exeter’s St David’s Station. Can you tell me what progress has been made in developing proposals with interested partners?

Devon County Council (DCC) has not received any money towards St David’s Station.

2. Who are the partners involved?

A Steering Group and working group has been established. The working group met in March with people from Exeter City Council, Network Rail, Devon County Council, Global City Futures

3. Can you send me a plan of the partners land holdings?

DCC don’t hold a plan of partner landholdings.

4. Can you advise if an architect has been appointed to develop ideas and when this was?

DCC are not aware of an architect being appointed

5. As this is being funded by public money, can you send me a copy of the latest partnership meeting and the most recent options?

The Minutes of the last meeting contain information identifying individuals and has therefore been redacted. Disclosure of this information would have been a breach of the first data protection principle and is therefore exempt pursuant to s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

6. When do you anticipate any proposals will be consulted upon with the general public? In considering this last question, can the respondent set out how the partnership intend to undertake early and meaningful consultation, as recommended in government guidance?

Consultation will take place in due course