Kerswell Gardens

Please provide the following information relating to Kerswell Gardens:

Q1: A copy of the original waste planning permission to Armabridge Ltd plus conditions therein and any updates relating to the said planning permission

No planning permission has been granted by Devon County Council to Armabridge Ltd. A planning permission was granted to a previous operator, The Landscape Company (SW) Ltd., and this is publicly available on the County Council’s website (click ‘Associated Documents’), with the decision notice listing the planning conditions. Also included are notices of the discharge of conditions.


Q2: The details of cessation of the planning permission

As indicated in Condition 1 of this decision notice, the planning permission ceased on 26 July 2016, after which the site should have been restored within a further 12 months.


Q3: Copies of all Devon County Council inspection forms relating to Kerswell Gardens during the lifetime of the planning permission

Devon County Council has no ‘inspection forms’ for this site, but we do have an enforcement assessment report


Q4: Copies of any enforcement notices etc. issued during the lifetime of the planning permission and after the permission ceased

Devon County Council has not issued any Enforcement Notices in respect of this site.


Q5: Please forward all correspondence between yourselves and the Environment Agency prior to them issuing a permit, during the course of the permit and after the planning permission ceased up to today’s date

Copies of all correspondence between County Council planning officers and the Environment Agency are provided.

Q6: Copies of correspondence to the liquidator Francis Clark LLP regarding this site.

Devon County Council has not corresponded with Francis Clark LLP regarding this site.