Mobile phone and mobile broadband

1. How many employees are at your organisation?

This information is publicly available on the Devon County Council (DCC) website which can be accessed by following the below link:- HR Dashboard

2. How many mobile phone and mobile broadband connections do you currently have?  

3447 voice/text/mobile data

422 voice/text only

772 mobile data only

3. What is the split between mobile phone and mobile broadband connections?

74.3% voice/text/mobile data

9.1% voice/text only

16.6% mobile data only

4. Who is your mobile phone network provider?  


5. Did you switch providers on your last renewal?  


6. Please provide a monthly breakdown for your total mobile phone contract costs for the past 12 months:  

Estimated at £37,000 per month but Covid and employees work from home (WFH) has had an impact on costs and not representative of business as usual.

7. How have you sourced the contract?  

Current contract procured through Crown Commercial Services framework.

8. What is the contract term length?  

Following the initial contract term, it has defaulted to a 30 day rolling contract.

9.How long do you have remaining on your current contract? 

As above

10.Who is the primary contact for this contract? 

Gavin Punchard or ScoMIS

Details of previous responses found on the Council’s publication scheme may be helpful Mobile Phone Contract