Postal services spend and process 2019-2021

Your postal spend in 2019 and projected spend for 2020 /2021 on the following – exact costs where possible or if unavailable please provide estimated costs

2019/20 total spend – £284,171

2020/21 projected spend – £264,958

Royal Mail online services
Royal Mail Postage Paid Impressions (PPI)

We do not hold this information. Spending is recorded as ” postage costs” only

If using a franking system, please specify supplier and model

It varies across Devon County Council locations. The manufacturers include Quadient (formerly Neopost) IN-300 series, Neopost LTD IN-600, Quadient 2 x IS-6000, Pitney Bowes DM110i/160i/220i/DM110 PR20, FP Postbase one Bulk Dynamic

Is the equipment owned or leased through the supplier or 3rd party finance house

It varies across Devon County Council locations. One machine is owned, and the rest are leased

If the equipment is owned outright – the month, year and cost of purchase plus the annual maintenance and consumable costs  

Purchased January 2016 Nett cost £1682.00 + £367.05* installation fee*Annual maintenance charge = £419.48 Consumables = labels £44.96, Cartridges £219.90 Envelopes £168.00

If the equipment is leased – the month, year and term of lease plus quarterly / annual costs including maintenance and consumable costs  

We consider that release of the actual lease cost is exempt from disclosure under Section 43 (Commercial Interests) of the Freedom of Information Act. To provide such information, we believe, would be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of other suppliers and this would give an unfair advantage to competitors.

We have considered the public interest in this case, and we acknowledge that there is a public interest in the transparency around public spending. However, we also consider that there is a public interest in allowing businesses to apply for contracts in a competitive environment, and we therefore consider that the public interest lies in withholding the information.

What is the typical decision process within your organisation for mail and postal services?

Budget Holder seeks quotes from suppliers

Who is ultimately responsible for making decisions such as the allocation of contracts for postal equipment and expenditure?

Site Budget Holder

Are you mandated to procure through a framework agreement and if so the name of the framework