Care home clients private funding

Please would you confirm to me the number of private residential homes that have either been sold, or had legal charges secured against in order to pay for care home residence for privately funded clients with means tested assets in excess of £14250 during the first 6 months of this year; ie Jan – June in 2019 and for the previous year by year periods in;

We do not hold information about the sale of private residential homes, that information may be held by the Land Registry, please contact them direct using the information on the link provided.

We hold information about legal charges relating to privately funded clients but in financial years not calendar years, details in the table below:

Year New = applications sent to legal services Ended = this includes Deferred Payment Agreements (DPA’s) *registered and ended due to repayment
2019 ( April – July) 27 26
2018 – 2019 86 91
2017 – 2018 91 109
2016 – 2017 65 59
2015 – 2016 46 39

*A Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) can be offered to a person who has permanently been admitted to a residential home and who continues to own the home they lived in prior to admission. The person would be asset rich but capital poor meaning that they may be unable to pay the full cost of their residential fees. In such circumstances, Devon County Council can allow the charges to accrue against the value of the property which we then secure by registering a charge with the Land Registry office. The property can’t be sold until without the debt being repaid thus DCC’s charges are secured.