Highway safety inspections A386

A386 between Lake and Sourton
1) Evidence of a reasonable system of inspection in place.

We carry out regular highway safety inspections: roads, footways and cycleways are inspected according to their strategic importance.
Our Safety Inspection Manual explains how often we inspect, the criteria we use to decide if something is a safety defect and what we will do about any defects we find.

2) The date of the last inspection of this section of road AND all prior inspection evidence for the previous 12 month period on this section of road.

The date of the last inspection was 10th December 2018.
• 14 December 2017;
• 18 January 2018;
• 20 February 2018;
• 27 March 2018;
• 27 April 2018;
• 29 May 2018;
• 27 June 2018;
• 1 August 2018;
• 3 September 2018;
• 20 September 2018;
• 15 October 2018;
• 13 November 2018;

Prior evidence is included in the Incident report linked to in the response to Question 3.

3) The Report on the Incident.

Incident report

Finally, I would like a full explanation of what Highways spend our road tax on, as it certainly isn’t on identifying road defects.

We have interpreted your reference to “road tax” to mean Vehicle Tax, this a central Government tax and is not specifically used to maintain roads.
Details of funding for maintaining roads in the Devon County Council area is available on the following link :

Road maintenance funding framework