Domestic violence advisors and advocates

Please can you respond to this Freedom of Information request about Independent Domestic Violence Advisors/Advocates in your area.

Do you:
A) commission externally from a third sector organisation
B) provide this service using Council staff
C) other (please describe)

We commission a third sector organisation.

Please can you confirm:
A) how many full time equivalent staff are employed by the service working directly with victims of abuse

13.5 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff working with victims assessed as 10 or above – High Risk in Devon.

B) how many high risk incidents were referred into the service during April 2017 – March 2018


C) How many high risk service users engaged with the service ie received assessment of needs and some level of ongoing service provision, as a % of the incidents referred (I recognise there may be some repeat incidents with the same victim)

86.2% of the incidents referred

D) the cost of the high risk service including on costs (NOTE: For council run services please include the cost of central recharges for the service, being clear about how much they are) (NOTE: I do not accept that there is a commercial reason for exempting publication of this if it is a commissioned service, as that information will already have been put into the public domain via OJEU notifications)

The budget for the IDVA service (for victims who are risk assessed as 10 or above) is £469,652 for 2018/19

Do your plans for this service in the next 18 month include the potential to:
A) outsource to an alternative provider eg via competitive tender
B) insource to local government, police or other statutory agency
C) retender

None of the above.