Council owned art and value

The total number of works of art owned by the local authority 

Forty nine paintings and three Sculptures 

The most up to date figures that the local authority has concerning the value of any and all works of art owned by said authority.  

For assets recently purchased or where insurance valuations are available it is the Authority’s policy to recognise the assets using these bases; obtaining an external valuation on relatively low value items would involve a disproportionate cost. 

Insured items: £20,000

Independently valued items: £13,700

Purchased items: £3,500

A copy of any audits carried out concerning local authority owned art work 

There are no records of audits of local authority owned art work in the past 10 year, therefore we do not hold this information. 

Details of various art works owned by Devon County Council can be viewed from Summary of Heritage Assets as at 31st of March 2014 and  Special Collections