Elective Home Education


“I am writing to ask for details regarding children who have been electively home educated.
Please provide:
1. The numbers of students who have been in EHE (elective home education) for any period of the school year 2017/18.
Please also break this data down by the following additional subcategories (if recorded);
i) reason for EHE
ii) gender,
iii) ethnicity
iv) religion”


The below figures represent a snapshot for the period 1st September 2017 to 15th August 2018. The full yearly figures (1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018) will be available in September on the Babcock website at www.babcockldp.co.uk/EHE

Number of students: 1588
Gender: Male 846; Female 742

Reasons :

Attendance/Prosecution 68
Bullying 80
Dissatisfied with school environment 272
Emotional/Behavioural 148
Lifestyle/Philosophy/Culture 273
Medical – child 114
Medical – parent *
Near exclusion 18
Not known 397
Not preferred school 16
Other 104
Dissatisfaction with SEN provision 35
Relationship issues 6
Religious *
School refuser/Phobic 50

Other Ethnic Group *
Not known 205
White Western European 10
Any other Mixed background 10
Turkish/Turkish Cypriot 7
Arab other *
Pakistani *
White & Black Caribbean 7
White and Black African 10
White Eastern European *
Info not yet obtained 8
Thai 2
White other 17
Chinese *
White British 1221
Refused 34
White English *
White Irish *
Other Gypsy/Roma *
Gypsy Roma 27
White and Asian 12

* Figures of 5 or below have been redacted under Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This is because release of such small figures could lead to the identification of the individuals concerned, which would breach the Data Protection Act principles.

Religion – Information not held.