Tattoo Shop Licences

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Date of Request:    26 May 2015

Date of Disclosure: 15 June 2015

Please find Devon County Council’s response to the questions below;

Please would you provide me with:

  1. A snapshot of the current licensed premises for skin piercing, covering tattooing, acupuncture, ear and cosmetic piercing, electrolysis or skin colouring as of Monday, May 18 2015.Please provide:
  2. The name of the licensed premises
  3. Its address, including postcode
  4. If possible, the type of piercing(s) licensed to practice (e.g. tattooing, acupuncture, ear and cosmetic piercing, electrolysis or skin colouring) 




Ideally it would follow this format:

If you require clarification of any part of this request, please let me know. I would prefer the data to be supplied in soft copy .xls format.

If data for May 18 is unavailable please find the nearest available date to snapshot, and provide it within your response.

  • Name of premises // Address // Type of piercing 


  • X Tattoo Parlour // 123 Example St, City, K4 3AD // tattoo

Please note that Devon County Council is not responsible for the licensing of tattoo or piercing shops and therefore does not hold the information requested. I understand responsibility for such matters rests with each of the District and Unitary Councils in Devon.  I therefore suggest that you contact each of these organisations directly to obtain the information requested.

In the interest of providing you advice and assistance, please find details for each of the district councils in Devon on our website at;

Details for the unitary councils of Plymouth City and Torbay Borough Council are available below;