Service User and Customer Feedback surveys

I would like to request the following information, for any Service User and/or Customer Experience feedback surveys and contracts in place within the authority.

1. Current supplier of service user/customer experience feedback surveys (This may be more than one. For example, one supplier may be providing a survey solution for community feedback whilst a different supplier may provide a survey solution for feedback within care homes and another supplier for contact centre surveys. Please provide details of supplier contracts for all).

Devon County Council does not have any contracts for supplier of service user/ customer experience feedback. There may be specific requirements within larger contracts for the provider to seek user feedback on their own service but there is no separate provider of feedback surveys.

Devon County Council therefore does not hold the information you have requested.


2. Value of individual contract/s (please specify whether “including VAT” or “plus VAT”).
3. Renewal date of current contract/s.
4. Contact details of officer/s responsible for the contract/s.
5. Brief description of service provided by current supplier.
6. Where contracts have been renewed in the last 6 months, please can you also provide a short list of suppliers that bid for each contract.

With respect to questions 2 – 6, Devon County Council cannot assist, following on from our response to question 1 above.


7. Typical route to tender (i.e., what procurement portal or individual quote requests etc.).

All tender submissions are made via the portal:


8. Does the authority own and/or run care homes and if yes, how many.

Devon County Council own and run four care homes:

Mapleton and Woodland Vale are care homes for long term residential care.

Greenfields Treetops and Pine Park House are respite units but are classified as care homes.