Special schools

The number of children in both a) maintained and b) non-maintained special schools who use high-tech AAC devices (also known as talkers) in Devon? 

Please could you let me know how many deaf children there are in maintained special schools in Devon? Please could you also tell me how many of these have cochlear implants?


Devon County Council do not hold the information you are requesting.  The council does not maintain a central database of information regarding children at special schools in Devon.

For clarity, we should confirm that schools are separate data processing bodies to Devon County Council and therefore any information which the school holds is separate to that which is available to the council.

We would therefore recommend that you contact the schools direct for this information.

By way of advice and assistance, we can confirm that contact details for schools in Devon, including the special schools, is available on our website at:  https://www.devon.gov.uk/schools/school/