Learning English in Devon

Over the past 18 months, Devon has welcomed – among others – more than 2,000 refugees from Afghanistan, Hong Kong and Ukraine; migrant workers from the Philippines, Nigeria and India; and more than 300 asylum seekers from more than 20 countries. The fact that many of these new arrivals are living in rural Devon has highlighted the shortage of English language learning opportunities in many parts of the county.

Further education colleges, Learn Devon, community organisations and volunteer teachers have all responded positively and there are currently more English language classes on offer around Devon than ever before.

This website aims to share information with:

  • English language teachers, whether paid or volunteering, qualified and experienced or new to English language teaching
  • anyone involved in supporting refugees, migrant workers or asylum seekers in Devon
  • sponsors who are hosting refugees and want to help their guests to learn
  • English language learners
  • Find out more about the classes and courses available in your area using our interactive map

  • Resources to help you learn English in your free time and access to online classes for eligible learners

  • Teaching resources and schemes of work to support you in the classroom

  • Opportunities to help you assist your guests with their English and other needs

  • Help and support for children