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Interests: Curriculum

Week of: 29 November 2021 - 5 December 2021

Free Computer Science CPD and loan of kits- Physical computing kits

As a Computing Hub, we now have Physical computing kits for KS2-4 that we can lend for free to state maintained schools for up to 6-weeks. This allows you to plan a significant section of your course, knowing the resources will be available for you. The kit contents can be found below and link to […]

30 November 2021

Free Computer Science CPD. Computer Systems: Input, Output and Storage

Computers take many forms, from the smart watch on your wrist to the powerful machines used to predict the weather. They all share some key features and GCSE computer science students need to have a solid understanding of what makes a computer. Take your first steps to exploring the main components, their role and how […]

29 November 2021

Intercom Trust. LGBT+ Schools groups

We’re offering schools across the county bespoke training, help starting and running an LGBT+ group, alongside a myriad of other resources and opportunities, free of charge (including support with the new RSE requirements). We’re incredibly passionate about helping young LGBT+ people however we can and we’ve noticed an increased need, especially after lockdown, within the […]

29 November 2021

Free computer science CPD – Complexity

At this Teacher CPD event, you will be provided with the necessary knowledge and understanding to deliver the topic of complexity to your A level students. Despite the much-increased speed of computer hardware, programmers still seek maximum efficiency when coding solutions. This is partially due to the increase in the data volume to be processed. […]

29 November 2021

Free Computer Science CPD – Python Programming: Advanced Subject Knowledge, Implementation and Testing

This course will help you develop an understanding how programs are developed using the software life cycle, specifically the implementation and testing of a working solution. You’ll develop your Python skills by exploring advanced programming techniques such as authentication, nested selection, data structures, sub-routines etc. whilst applying them into the implementation and testing stages of […]

29 November 2021

Free Computer Science CPD – Foundation Knowledge of Computer Science for KS3 and GCSE

A high-quality computer science education equips students to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Computer science forms the core of the computing national curriculum, a foundation subject and a vital aspect of a broad and balanced curriculum for all learners. If you’re new, moving towards or an existing teacher of […]

29 November 2021

Free online scratch programming training for primary teachers

Join this workshop to gain subject knowledge around teaching programming using Scratch; get to know the scratch environment further including the use of variables, ‘make a block’, vector vs bitmap and all the latest hints and tips. Wednesday 9 February, 3.30pm – 5pm  

29 November 2021

Free Computer Science CPD – Python Programming: Working with data

As you progress beyond the basics of Python programming, this course will help you develop the level of programming skill required for upto GCSE computer science. You’ll go further through the fundamentals of programming, with lots of hands-on experience under the guidance of highly successful teachers of computer science. During the course you’ll learn about […]

29 November 2021

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