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Free Computer Science CPD. Computer Systems: Input, Output and Storage

Computers take many forms, from the smart watch on your wrist to the powerful machines used to predict the weather. They all share some key features and GCSE computer science students need to have a solid understanding of what makes a computer.

Take your first steps to exploring the main components, their role and how they work together in computer systems. Learn about input and output devices, how memory is used for rapid storage and retrieval, and how data is stored elsewhere for long term use. You’ll explore different types of software, including the operating system and its critical role in managing all these resources.

Prior Knowledge: basic concepts and terminology to access this GCSE-level subject knowledge enhancement. Please ring school and ask if unsure.

Wednesday 26 January,  9.30am-3pm

Free to attend for teachers from state maintained schools.


29 November 2021


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